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Here at Kindolin we provide a service to both creators and customers. We strive to dominate the content creation industry, by hiring and marketing freelancers to provide services to our customers. We market, you sell.

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We find the creator work and they individually represent themselves. The power is in the customers hands when rating a creator.


Kindolin is managed by experienced freelancers, we know what we're doing and we have our minds set on providing a useful service.


We'll never leave your side. All deals are monitored by our administration team to ensure you are having the best experience possible.


All payments run through us - so you are naturally protected from chargebacks. See our full features page for more information on this.

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At Kindolin we provide a variety of paid services.

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Stop following the elitist trend of do everything yourself, embrace our tools and the tools around you to create something great.

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