What we want you to know


We find the creator work and they individually represent themselves. The power is in the customers hands when rating a creator.


Kindolin is managed by experienced freelancers, we know what we're doing and we have our minds set on providing a useful service.


We'll never leave your side. All deals are monitored by our administration team to ensure you are having the best experience possible.


All payments run through us - so you are naturally protected from chargebacks. See our full features page for more information on this.

For Customers

One Stop

Our goal is to have at least one freelancer in every field - allowing you to visit us as your one-stop shop for all your content creation needs, whether that be any field from programming to level design.


Whilst we require an upfront payment of 50% of the budget before the commission starts, you can rest assured knowing that none of the money reaches the freelancer until the product is complete and satisfactory.


We're more than just a freelance agency. We treat our Discord as a community, hoping to facilitate friendly discussion as well as create a helpful environment between creators and consumers. Join today!


Do you want to learn a new skill, or learn how to create the products our freelancers create? Not only will we create content, selected freelancers will be able to teach you to create content as well!

For Creators


All payments run through us, meaning that if there is a chargeback we will fight it on your behalf. If the client wins the chargeback you will be expected to pay back the full amount they paid you, however, we will cover the fee.


Kindolin is ran by freelancers. We created Kindolin to pass our knowledge down, if you join as a freelancer we'll not only act as your marketers but we'll be here to give advise and support if needed.


We love Discord! Discord is at the center of our operations and it's a key place for you to get involved with the community and meet others. All of our commissions are handled directly through our Discord guild.

No Contract

Kindolin is a contract free organization - you can leave whenever you want, we expect and encourage your client-base to continue using your service if you leave and you won't continue paying us a percentage!