For Customers

Here's all you should need to know if you're looking to hire a freelancer

Kindolin is a freelancing agency that hires freelancers in order to find them jobs and provide a one-stop-shop service for all your content creation needs.
You can hire a freelancer through our Discord, the link to the Discord can be found in the navigation bar and in the footer. Once you are in the Discord please run the help command to gain an understanding of how to use our Discord bot, from there, follow the steps to create a ticket.
Currently we do not have a payment system integrated into our website - however this is something that will come as we grow. For now, payments are to be sent directly to the Kindolin PayPal account - you will be informed of this email when you agree upon a budget with a freelancer.

As it stands, the standard for Kindolin requests, is that as the customer you pay 50% before the job is started and pay the remaining 50% once you are satisfied with the product.
The result of this varies from situation to situation and it is generally left to the freelancers discretion whether to modify the price as per your changes to the request. Any disagreements in this situation will be handled by the Administration Team accordingly.
No we don't - however we do background checks on all of our freelancers before we accept them into Kindolin. Any issues you have with a freelancer that is working under Kindolin will be dealt with by the administration team accordingly. The freelancer does not see any of the money until they have finished the job, so you can rest assured that you will not be scammed.
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