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Here's all you should need to know if you're looking to join

All payments run through us, meaning that if there is a chargeback we will fight it on your behalf. If the client wins the chargeback you will be expected to pay back the full amount they paid you, however, we will cover the fee.
Kindolin is ran by freelancers. We created Kindolin to pass our knowledge down, if you join as a freelancer we'll not only act as your marketers but we'll be here to give advise and support if needed.
We love Discord! Discord is at the center of our operations and it's a key place for you to get involved with the community and meet others. All of our commissions are handled directly through our Discord guild.
No Contract
Kindolin is a contract free organization - you can leave whenever you want, we expect and encourage your client-base to continue using your service if you leave and you won't continue paying us a percentage!
Kindolin is a freelancing agency that hires freelancers with the intention to find them more clients, in return for a 5% cut of the payment the freelancer receives from any job under £100 and 10% cut of the payment for any job over £100 found through us. In essence, we handle the marketing and you reap the benefits.
The team behind Kindolin works to promote Kindolin as a whole bringing a wide range of customers into your potential client-base. The establishment of a one-stop-shop for content will result in a lot of return customers, in addition to this, the backing of an organisation behind you and your service greatly benefits the traffic your service receives.
Yes of course! No - we will not take a percentage of any jobs you find outside of Kindolin. However - if you are found taking jobs from others, or taking jobs posted in Kindolin outside of our services you will be removed from the organization.
If you are a skilled content creator you may be invited to contribute to projects alongside other freelancers or members of the administration team. In addition to this, Kindolin is an ever expanding brand and we plan to bring so much more to the table in the future, for that, we'll need your help!
If you want to apply to join Kindolin as a freelancer you can do so in our Discord, links to this can be found in our navigation bar at the top or the footer at the bottom of the page.

Once you are in the Discord - please run the apply command in our Discord and follow the steps.
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