Terms of Service

These are the terms you must agree to when using our services

At any point this web page, the following references apply unless the context implies otherwise.

The terms "Us, we, our, ourselves, Kindolin, kindolin, kindolin.com" refer to Kindolin as an organization and if contextually applicable the staff within.
The terms "The customer, customer, customers, client, the client, clients" refer to you as the client.
The terms "The freelancer, freelancer, freelancers" refer to you as if you were a freelancer working under Kindolin.
The terms "commission, commissions, jobs, job, work" refer to a commission that you as the client has created or you as the freelancer is completing, respectively.
Commissions you as a freelancer accept through our services that are underneath the value of £100 we take 5% of the value and you take the remaining 95%, for commissions over the value of £100 we will take 10% of the value and you take the remaining 90%.

Payment for commissions will initially go through us and will be held with us until the freelancer has fully completed the job. The point of completion is signified by the commission being marked as finished by both the freelancer and the customer, once the point of completion has been reached all money will be transferred to it's final destination.

When a customer creates a commission, once the budget is agreed upon by both you as the customer and the freelancer the customer must pay an upfront payment of 100% of the budget if the commission is under £50, if the commission is over £50 the customer must pay an upfront of 50% of the budget before the freelancer will start work, this, like all payments, will be sent to us.

As a customer, the moment at which you pay for a commission you accept that you are purchasing digital goods and as a result of this you will not receive a physical item.
Once the freelancer has started fulfilling the request of your commission you as a customer are not eligible to receive a refund, however, the freelancer reserves right to make an independent decision to refund you.
Under no circumstances do we store backups of work that has been completed by freelancers, it is the customers responsibility to store backups.
We have a zero tolerance policy on chargebacks, whether this be through your bank of choice or through PayPal. In all circumstances this will result in a ban from our services.
Kindolin acts as a freelancing agency, meaning the freelancer will individually set their own pricing scheme. Kindolin has no control over the freelancers pricing scheme.
Kindolin reserves the right to terminate the customers commission at any time without reason, ban the customer from using our service without reason as well as remove any freelancer from Kindolin without reason.
Kindolin provides a platform for freelancers to find customers and for customers to find freelancers, therefore we do not represent the freelancers. Any actions performed by the freelancers are at the fault of the freelancer unless said action is caused by an error in our systems, anything we deem unethical or malicious will result in termination of that freelancer and said freelancer will be removed from Kindolin immediately.

We provide a rating system that allows people to rate their experience with a freelancer out of 5 at the end of their commission, we provide you with this to support the customers decision when choosing a freelancer. Anyone filing ratings we deem to be illegitimate whether this be a negative or positive rating, will be banned from using our services.